Cheats, malingerers and crybabies in labor union whine about privacy in the workplace.

It seems that some warehouse workers in Britain are concerned about their “privacy” in the workplace because some companies have proposed using RFID to track employees in large wrehouses—RFID tags, armbands, whatever.

“One of the largest trade unions there, GMB, is up in arms about radio frequency identification technology—and is trying to put its foot down.”_*_

Cluebat—*whack!* Hey! Crybabies! The warehouses are not your property. You just work there. Privacy? Yeh, that means no cameras in the rest rooms. Everything else, well you want privacy, quit work (or get fired) and go home. Thats where you can have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

The real issue is this: workers don’t want their bosses to have easy ways to tell they are malingering. Lazy bums. Stupid, too. As the Baseline article linked above notes, these same huge warehouses have tons of videocams in place to monitor product (and employee) movements. So, big deal. The RFID technology just makes real time tracking (and ease of management) more efficient.

And adds another layer of management tools to let bosses know when an employee is goofing off instead of working.

Good. Fire the lazy bums. Crybabies.