Finally, some legislators grow some stones…

(A post on point and a rabbit trail… )

It was ACLU action that imperiled Boy Scout events on bases. Now, the Senate is (finally!) realizing they have a responsibility to limit federal court behavior.
On another, not-so-encouraging, note, this from the same article:
“The vote came one day after four adult Scout leaders from an Alaska troop were killed on the opening day of the National Scout Jamboree at the Army’s Fort A.P. Hill in Bowling Green, Va., when a tent pole apparently struck a power line.”
*sigh* It seem stupidity can still be a capital offense against nature. At least it was stupid Boy Scout leaders. Maybe their replacements will be smart enough to be better role models. Ah, well. At least the boys under their leadership may benefit from some excellent BAD examples.
(Sad memory: I knew a guy once who killed his wife via almost the exact same stupid act. Had her hold a—metal!—ladder for him while he was working near a power line. Leaned over too far. Saved himself on the roof ledge, but she, trying to save him, held onto the ladder too long. She paid the price for his stupidity… and he had to live with the results.)