One song Jean Fraud sKerry (AKA John F Kerry) won’t be singing…

Remember Blazing Saddles… Madeline Kahn singing “I’m Tired with that slightly off-key Sprechstimme style“? The lyrics include a refrain I wish Jean Fraud sKerry could learn to sing…

I’m tired,
Tired of playing the game
Ain’t it a crying shame
I’m so tired
God dammit I’m exhausted

Tired, tired of playing the game
Ain’t it a crying shame
I’m so tired

Well, lying through his teeth, stalling, backtracking, flip-flopping and playing the double- triple- quadruple-standards game is just not something this poltroon seems to tire of.

Where’s the beef, Johnnie? You’ve still not released your records to the public, and you’re asking for the White House to release ALL of Roberts’ records? Just shut up, Jean. Until you’re willing to keep your word and release the records you have promised to release, just crawl back into the hole you came from, pull the rock in over yourself and shut up!

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