A month ago, the Washington Post featured an article by Robert J. Samuelson, “The End of Europe” (yeh, well, you missed it too 🙂
I don’t think it unfair to subtitle Samuelson’s piece, “The Suicide of the West”—not unfair at all… Here’s a sample, but be sure to read the whole thing. There will be a test (in fact, the test is ongoing and you’re in the smack dab middle of it every day).
Europe as we know it is slowly going out of business. Since French and Dutch voters rejected the proposed constitution of the European Union, we’ve heard countless theories as to why: the unreality of trying to forge 25 E.U. countries into a United States of Europe; fear of ceding excessive power to Brussels, the E.U. capital; and an irrational backlash against globalization. Whatever their truth, these theories miss a larger reality: Unless Europe reverses two trends — low birthrates and meager economic growth — it faces a bleak future of rising domestic discontent and falling global power. Actually, that future has already arrived.
The big question is how quickly will the U.S. follow Europe’s lead? (If the majority of the SCOTUS, the Mass Media Podpeople and the Loony Left Moonbats get their way while the Stupid Party congresscritters worry about not hurting any feelings among the MMPs and LLMs and continues to let the SCOTUS illegitimately legislate from the bench, the answer could turn out to be all too darned quickly… )
Get the rest at the link, and then contemplate just how quickly the Left’s attacks on our society (and the Stupid Party’s lethargic “go along to get along” responses) could take us there (is taking us there!).
h.t. to an alert commenter at Jerry Pournelle’s Chaos Manor Mail. There’s a lot more there @Chaos Manor, including some trenchant observations by Dr. Pournelle. Must read.
N.B. I use “the Stupid Party” to refer primarily to the Republican pols who always seem like high school boys playing football against an NFL team. Even if their heart’s in the right place, they just ain’t got the plays, the endurance, the strength or the fortitude to win except by just plain dumb luck.