Cornelia Funke’s a better juvie writer than J.K Rowling

OK, so last year, at Lovely Daughter’s insistence recommendation, I read Cornelia Funke’s Thief Lord. It was not half bad, and in fact it was quite a bit more than half good. And, as is becoming more and more common, it included a teaser: the first chapter of Inkheart, the book Lovely Daughter handed me to read today.

(Now that I’m considering Cornelia Funke books, I recall I was pleasantly disposed toward her insistence suggestion I read Thief Lord because I has earlier yielded to her when she touted Dragon Rider, also by Funke.)

The gimmick in Inkheart is that much of it is “about” a book by the same name, “Inkheart,” though I’ll not say more, cos I’m already edging into “spoiler” territory.
If I were a parent of gradeschool or junior high students, or an elementary/jr. hi teacher, I’d certainly put this on reading lists for “my” kids. And, ya know, I don’t think adults would be harmed by reading it, either.

I’m near the end, just taking a break to brew some joe and write this. Unless Funke goes seriously awry, this is a good book. Of course, marketing and other pressures: it’s the first of a trilogy… (Gee: can’t folks just tell a story and move on to another any more? *VBG*) Still, the way it’s reading, I’ll probably buy a copy of my own and get the other two.