Harvey asks the critical question of our age. But don’t let me spoil it. Here it is from the horse’s… mouth:

On Monday, July 11th, an odd thing happened in the Ecosystem. Instapundit fell to #2 and was replaced by “Painless Self-Promotion”:

Instapundit no 2

Yet the very next day, Painless Self-Promotion disappeared completely and Evil Glenn had resumed his customary position as Blogospheric Dominar.

Your Filthy Lie Assignment this week is to answer the question:

What’s the story behind Painless Self-Promotion’s brief rise and fall in the Ecosystem?

Well, to the icognoscenti, this might first appear to be a mystery, but to anyone who’s actually read Painless Self Promotion it’s obvious: Painless Self Promotion has always been the number one blog in or out of the ecosystem, but Evil Glenn has used his Evil Lawyer Mind Beam to alter the blogosphere stats!

When the truth emerged—briefly—Evil Glenn issued an edict that the blog author was thereafter to be considered a “homeless” person in the blogosphere, and his Instapundit website ATE Painless Self Promotion!!!

That’s right: Blog cannibalism. Watch for Evil Glenn to spawn The Carnival of the Cannibals, soon…