Cell phones and internet…
Lovely Daughter was in for an extended weekend (with side trips to check out a neat job possibility south of here and a trip to the BIG City north to pick up more of her “stuff” that needed moving). Traveling back to OKC, this evening, in her wee car, big ole thunderstorm laid right along the turnpike.
Called me on cell phone for weather report. heh
(Interjection from Lovely Daughter, just now: “Ooo! There’s a rainbow!” 🙂
Was able on this end to look at the radar maps and report storm’s progress to her, call ahead on another line to let folks who were expecting her know she’d be running a lil late, etc.
Disconnected more and more in time and space and… independence, and yet… much more connected to hearth and home than Wonder Woman and I were at that age, at least partly (as tonight) through technological wonders.