Finally some honest, forthright speech on the terrible, terrible “outing” of that Great American Hero(ine), Valerie Plame…

From Blame Bush via Woody’s News & Views:

The inspiration for six Ian Fleming novels and the hit TV series, Alias, Plame’s 35-year career as a super-duper top secret agent was what legends were made of. From her base of operations, Codename: Cubicle, Agent Plame spearheaded such major CIA operations as Project Fetch Director Woolsey a Cup Of Coffee and Operation Who Stole a Box of Staples from the Supply Room? In 1996, she singlehandedly thwarted a major terrorist attack by remaining motionless at her desk for several months while slowly tripling the size of her ass. Along with John Deutch and Aldrich Ames, Valerie Plame is one of the few CIA spooks who has earned the admiration and respect of progressives everywhere.

See the entire, courageous report made despite threats of vicious attacks by the Republikan (weenie) hate machine attack-Chihuahuas.


For more on this lame-out “scandal” manufactured by Democraps and whimpily addressed by Republiclams, see: here or here.