Eragon (Inheritance, Book 1)

(I read this puppy about a year ago)

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A lil quiz at “Alagaesia”. The print’s a lil small in the thumbnail, but if you CLICK on the link to enlarge the pic, it reads,

“You are most like SAPHIRA

Like the majestic dragon, Saphira, you are brave and ferocious in battle but also deep in ancient wisdom. You think before flying headfirst into battle. You prefer the solitude of the wilderness to the populated cities of Alagaesia.”

Eragon is Book I of The Inheritance trilogy by Christopher Paolini. Paolini published Eragon when he was 18. As a first novel by a young writer, it’s actually quite good. Allowing for “first novel by a young writer syndrome” it’s a tad more than “quite good” in fact.

I’ll more than likely also read Eldest, the next book in the trilogy, and if it’s as good as—or hopefully better than—Eragon, I’ll likely pop for the third book when it comes out.