OK, we’ve seen what purports to be the three pages of Jean Fraud sKerry’s SF-180, but…

…where’re the records? Oh. I see. He authorized on the SF-180 only release of his records to some friendly Mass Media podpeople, and being buddies of his, they have published only a few lil low-damage tidbits. In addition, he apparently authorized only the release of his active-duty records, so there still no information about his time still in service when he met with representatives of a foreign power in armed conflict with the U.S., nor is there any word reconciling his official discharge date with his times of service.
In other words, Jean Fraud sKerry: Let your records go!

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“Again, still and forever we’re going to be hammering on this simple request: Release your full military and medical files -and don’t release them to your biographer or the Boston Globe, ok? Release them to the American people who deserve to see them in their entirety. Or release them to ME and I’ll make sure everyone knows what’s there. After all, you have nothing to hide, right?”
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Et maintenant, en français (afin d’essayer atteignant Jean Fraude dans sa langue maternelle—comme suggéré par le MaryHunter à TMH’s Bacon Bits ):
OK, nous avons vu ce qui prétend être les trois pages du SF-180 du Jean Fraude sKerry (John F. Kerry), mais…
où sont les disques ? Oh. Je vois. Vous avez autorisé sur seulement le dégagement SF-180 de ses papiers à un certain Podpeople amical de Mass Media, et étant des copains à vous, ils ont édité seulement des quelques des bas-dommages petits tid bits. En outre, vous avez apparemment autorisé seulement le dégagement de vos papiers d’actif-devoir, tellement il ne reste toujours aucune information sur votre temps en service quand vous avez rencontré des représentants d’une puissance étrangère en conflit armé avec les États-Unis, ni y a il n’importe quel mot réconciliant votre date officielle de décharge avec des vos périodes du service.
En d’autres termes, Jean du Fraude sKerry: Laissez vos papiers aller!
(And thanks to The MaryHunter for pointing me toward Babelfish. Thirty-five years after my last college French class, I think I’m a wee tad rusty… And yeh, both Babelfish and I had trouble with “Jean Fraud sKerry” 🙂
Note: since the above is specifically directed to the disingenuously named John F. Kerry (properly known as Jean Fraud[e] sKerry), the personal pronouns have been modified from the English version.