Since my blog-birth was—oh so miraculously!—an immaculate conception…

…(I have only a blogmommie, no blogfather), I want to take the occasion that tomorrow, Blogfathers Day™, presents to thank Hugh Hewitt for influencing/encouraging my blogmother to begin blogging. I guess that sorta, halfway, kinda, almost makes him my unintentional Bloggrandfather… of sorts. (And no, I’m not asking him for a pony for my birthday. 🙂
Actually, Hugh’s blog is the first one I read with any regularity, and I read his blog regularly still. It was on his blog that I saw a link to Carol Platt Liebau‘s blog, and wanting to comment on some of her posts led to a blogger account. The rest, complete with a couple of early encouraging emails from Carol Liebau, is, as they say, history.
So, Hugh, Happy Blogfathers Day™. I hope all those you directly inspired and encouraged and helped to begin blogging are as thankful as I am for your inspiration and counsel.
Oh, and folks, if you really want to thank Hugh and benefit yourselves at the same time, try reading Blog : Understanding the Information Reformation That’s Changing Your World.

At any rate, what I say and do here should not in any way be counted against either Carol Liebau or Hugh Hewitt. I’ve always been a problem child… 🙂