Driving Christianity off the public square

Hmmm… do you think once the ACLU drives Christians “underground” it’ll ease off?
Ruling limiting prayers at public meetings causes stir in Bible Belt.” And of course, the ACLU’s paws are all over this one.
Christians (well, and practicing Jews, too) are semi-OK with the ACLU if they keep their heads down and mouths shut, it seems. Kinda like the “official” policy in Saudi Arabia, where the House of Saud has proclaimed that as long as Christians worship privately at home, they can keep life and limb.
Oops! That’s just the “official” policy. For foreign media consumption only.
Hmmm… don’t let the ACLU hear about this.
BTW, this post at lgf links to a more extensive read linking some of the primary movers and shakers in the War on The War on Terrorism. The so-called “Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) and the American Criminal Liberties Union: fighting to keep America safe for the Islamic jihadists who want to murder you.
MQ from the creep who was a founding member and prime mover in the CCR:

“I stay in this profession only because I want to be a double agent, to destroy the whole f***ing [U.S.] system.”—William Kunstler

A real charmer, eh?
Yeh, the disingenuously named communist front, CCR, is just a lesser-known ACLU clone. But they both have the same agenda: tear down the walls of civilization that protect us from the murderous svages without and the barbarians within.