Blessed Son & Heir just brought me another cuppa joe and I had a brilliant insight. See comments. heh. indeed.

Found this over at Spurs’ place. Linguistic logic isn’t the author’s strong suit, but it still works… kinda. In an enormously funny way (well, to me).

Your IQ Is 140

Your Logical Intelligence is Genius
Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius
Your Mathematical Intelligence is Genius
Your General Knowledge is Genius
Yeh, well if I’m so smart why ain’t I rich? 🙂 The central flaw of this test is revealed in the score I got (see my revelation below).
Funny thing (confession’s good for the soul and bad for the rep): I posted a mini-rant about a screwy question on the test in comments over at Spurs’ place… and I’m still operating on sleep mode. (Coffee deprivation.) I ranted on about one of the questions being faulty and needing to answer it incorrectly to get it “right”—and I couldn’t even remember what the questions and answers were 5 mins after taking it.
Cuppa coffee later, I started wondering about what I’d said. Went back and looked at the lil quiz. Unless someone sneaked in and changed the thing between my rant and my first cuppa joe, I ranted on about the wrong question—had not even gotten my reasoning about the test right 5 mins after taking it!
Just goes to show ya. Smarts ain’t all they’re cracked up to be. I ace tests. It’s a given. Give me a test and I’ll ace it. Any form: multiple choice, essay, whatever. But have I learned anything from the test (or even leading up to the test)? Can I apply what I’ve “learned”? Who knows?
There’s only one constant: How much I actually learn, how much I actually reason (rather than just go on “gut”) all depends on how much coffee I’ve had.
Coffee: the original brain food.