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Questions Remain About Kerry’s Military Records

But will the press answer them? The Boston Globe and Los Angeles Times published in-depth accounts this week but, according to Lipscomb, the form that produced the documents may have asked for “anything and everything” or “nothing much at all.” –E&P

Thomas Lipscomb, in an article in Editor and Publisher dated Saturday, June 11, 2005, noted that

In response to my story in the Chicago Sun-Times on Thursday, the Managing Editor of the Boston Globe, Mary Jane Wilkinson, has now told Sun-Times editors that the Globe does indeed have a copy of Kerry’s Standard Form 180 used in delivering the documents to the Globe. That is reassuring, but it remains to be seen whether the Globe will release copies of the SF-180 in their possession, and that is important.

So just what’s so stinking iportant at this late date about Jean Fraud sKerry’s SF-180 and his military records?

Well, the guy remains an United States Senator; he’s a continual critic of the Bush administration and he remains an influence (though thankfully diminished one) in American politics in general—primarily through kid gloves treatment by Mass Media Podpeople.

Given that, at the very least it’d be nice to know just how damnably big a liar he is, don’t you think? Wouldn’t it be instructive to know what the heck happened to those five or six years between the time he discharged his contractual obligation to the Navy (in terms of time of enlistment) and the time the record he has released shows he recieved an “Honorable Discharge”? I mean, what was he in the interim, chopped liver?

Is there anything in his complete record (which is still not released to the public) that would support his fantasy (“seared, seard into my memory” as he put it) of Christmas in Cambodia?

How the heck did he get that first Purple Heart?

He could lay all these questions and more eternally to rest by simply releasing his full record; something he has yet to do.


Reasonable people can infer from his reluctance to release his full record that jean Fraud sKerry has skeletons in his closet relating specifically to his military service.

What I reasonably infer is that this pompous gasbag was initially dishonorably discharged as a result of his unlawful consorting with the enemy in time of war while still in the Navy; that at least one of his Purple Hearts (or other awards) will not stand up to scrutiny if his record is revealed in full; that he is and has been for years lying through his teeth about his Christmas vacation in Cambodia.

IOW, that he’s not fit to be a Senator and that he’s not worth a pimple on the neck of any one of those men he slandered before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 1971.

That’s what I think a reasonable person might infer from Jean Fraud sKerry’s reluctance to clear the record once and for all.

What do you think?

Free the Kerry 180

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