Yeh, read the Lileks piece, but read the C.S. Lewis piece he invokes, too…

Lileks’ Screedblog today is a classic rant against the neutering of the American man.

“The world will not be better because men wear their suspenders backwards The day I ask French fashion consultants to help me dream is the day I start drinking so much coffee I never fall asleep. To paraphrase Bart Simpson: Can’t sleep. Clowns will dress me.”

That is a mere taste, a crumb from the table.
Go. Eat. Now, while the food’s hot.

And after the h’orderves, here’s the main course:

C.S. Lewis’ Men Without Chests.

There will be a test. Likely when you least expect it…
(Oh, h/t Glenn Reynolds for reminding me to check James Lileks’ Screedblog today.)