Several months ago, Neal Boortz floated three questions he’d like to see as voter qualifiers…

As a means of correcting the sad, sad situation of voters too stupid to be able to mark their ballots correctly, I’m all for Neal Boortz’ idea of asking three qualifying questions before allowing a person to vote in a national election. Legitimate questions like

“Who is the vice president?”
“Who is your congressman?” and
“Who are your two senators?”

Would seem appropriate. Folks who could not answer all three would still be allowed, under Boortz’ proposal, to “vote” but they’d be directed to machines that sent their votes directly to a trash bin.

Oh, I’d like to have a few other questions thrown in, like

“Is there a transfinite number between that of a denumerable set and the numbers of the continuum? If so, provide two examples.”


“Construct generalizations of the reciprocity theorem of number theory. Show your work.”

…but those sorts of questions should only be asked of the inhabitants of Smartland, who all arrogantly assert they are infinitely smarter than those of us in Flyover Jesusland…

Oops. Beginning to feel the ole curmudgeonly mood creep in. Backing away slowly…

(Yeh, I’m having a hard time turning up the original Boortz article where he made the suggestion. It’ll come to me—or one of you guys’ll give me the link in comments.)

THANKS, Diane! That was the article I was thinking of! (I’ve updated the post above to reflect the link Diane thoughtfully provided.)