The current abuse by the ACLU and others of the 1976 Civil Rights Attorney’s Fee Awards Act was foreseeable…

Of course, the Loony Left Moonbat Brigade*, their partners in crime, the Mass Media Podpeople’s Army** and their enablers among various and sundry congresscritters would never admit that taking money from your pocket and funding groups such as the ACLU in their efforts to undermine and destroy the foundations of Western Civilization was the goal of the 1976 Civil Rights Attorney’s Fee Awards Act. But they don’t need to admit that, since they won’t even admit it is a consequence because they see attacks on whatever is good and just and moral as being progress, hence it’s not a consequence, but a benefit in their eyes.

Now, some would say that in order to curb the ACLU, the proper thing to do is to “fix a good law” (the 1976 Civil Rights Attorney’s Fee Awards Act) with such measures as HR 2679, the Public Expression of Religion Act (PERA), which would deny federal government payments to lawyers for plaintiffs in Establishment Clause challenges to the 1st Amendment.

OK, let me backtrack a bit. The 1976 Civil Rights Attorney’s Fee Awards Act was not good law, because there’s no reasonable reading of the Constitution justifying taking my money from me and paying some lawyer to supposedly bring benefits to a class of people. But of course, that sort of Constitutional argument could be made about more than half (well more than half) of what the fedgov does today. So, “fixing” a bad law at least to the extent of removing its negative impact on the First Amendment’s guarantee of free exercise of religion is just about as much as a reasonable person can hope for in today’s social/political climate.

All of us who do not live in the imaginary country the Loony Left Moonbat Brigade and the Mass Media Podpeople’s Army (consciously or unconsciously) arrogantly think of as “Smartland” know that the ACLU is attacking the foundations of civilization—family, free and uncoerced, unpersecuted religious expression, the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” and more—and knowing that, the kettle’s been put on to boil. Funding the American Taliban (for that is what the ACLU has become: the law offices of the Taliban of the Loony Left Moonbat Brigade) and its efforts to curtail our freedoms is simply immoral and unjust and must be stopped.

There’s an anger building in what Smartland*** dwellers think if as Stupidland (that’s you and me). A just and righteous anger. Write or call or email your congresscritter and let them know of your support for HR 2679, the Public Expression of Religion Act (PERA). It’s a drop in the bucket, but it’d be a significant drop, as it would remove the ACLU from at least one public teat.

And consider joining the Stop the ACLU Blogburst. It’s a good thing.

*NOTE: for those readers who may have missed some of my early blogging, perhaps I ought to have a page of terms and their definitions. heh “Loony Left Moonbat Brigade” refers to those who have hijacked liberalism which once sought individual liberty as its prime good and replaced it with a socialist statism that sees control of individuals’ lives by the state as its primary good. LLMB does not refer to Democrats, although Democratic politics is now most clearly dominated by LLMB. There are, in fact, few differences between Republicans and Democrats when it comes to statist control of individuals, now, and many Republican politicians are full-blown LLMBs masquerading as freedom-loving conservatives for purely political purposes.
**Mass Media Podpeople’s Army–pretty much self-evident, although the allusion to a communist “peope’s army” is a bit loose.
***Smartland—see this essay by Orson Scott Card.