So, Joe “haven’t had a thought of my own for 50 years” Biden wants to close down Gitmo

And exactly who will that benefit? Move the detainees somewhere else and things will change for the better how? Well, let’s see… Biden (and his ilk) acting as Osama bin Laden’s cat’s-paw scores yet another big propaganda coup for al Qaeda and other Islamic jihadists. The bad guys now in custody get rewarded for misbehavior (including attacking guards, lying about mistreatment, etc.) and ever more pressure is brought to bear upon the U.S. to just give in and commit suicide in the face of overwhelming opposition to her survival as a Western nation.
And Biden, acting as OBL’s hand puppet gets his ego stroked by Mass Media Podpeople who view the demise of truth and justice as simply a plus in their attempts to up their ratings.
h.t. Blonde Sagacity for the link to the Biden article.