We bid farewell to a great man a year ago…

And I have little doubt Ronald Reagan would have deferred the title “fallen soldier” (warning: wav file– download or stream) as belonging rather to those who fell on the field of battle in military service, but he served his country with honor and distinction—most honorably in the face of great opposition as President Ronald Reagan. His faithful and vigorous prosecution of the “70 Years War” with communism’s Evil Empire (for longer than the mere eight year term of his presidency), his humility, kindness and generosity of spirit: all these and more made him arguably one of the greatest, if not the greatest, American president of the 20th Century.
See the tributes at Cao’s Blog, Cathouse Chat and the links they provide for more fitting tributes to the life and service of this great man. But the greatest tribute we can bring in the face of such a life testimony is to continue to fight the good fight for freedom.