Heather MacDonald fisks the Harvard template for diversity scams

Via a link from Powerline, this City Journal article by Heather MacDonald: Harvard’s Diversity Grovel

Harvard University has just pledged $50 million for faculty “diversity” efforts, penance for President Lawrence Summers’s public mention of sex differences in cognition. The university would have been better off hiring a top-notch conjuror, since only magic could produce a trove of previously undiscovered female and minority academic stars suitable for tenuring.

Even Harvard’s bottomless resources cannot buy a miracle, however. So instead of a magician, the university has brought forth the next best thing: a report on “diversity” that, like all such products, possesses the power of shutting down every critical faculty in seemingly intelligent people…

MacDonald skewers, marinades and thoroughly roasts the idiots who can’t see their noses on their own faces. It’s a joy to read. Unfortunately, those who need to read it most will either not, or, reading it, will deliberately blind themselves to its plain text meaning.