…is not what you may think
Yes, America as a bulwark of Western Civilization is in danger.  Yes, our society appears to be crumbling from within—schools become prisons for kids while politics, law, the arts and even science seem to be succombing to savagery, stupidity and banality.
But all of those signs and symptoms of a dying civilization pale in comparison to the horror (the horror!) I am about to bring to your attention.  This problem is ubiquitous in our society.  It is evidence of evil incarnate walking—or more rightly, driving—the planet. 
It is the 99 out of 100 licensed, bone-uh-fied drivers on our streets and highways who have less intelligence—collectively!—than God gave a head of cabbage.
(With apologies to cabbages worldwide for the association.)
What depraved indifference to a civil society, to the travails of Western Civilization itself, causes governmental bodies to give these cretins license to drive a motor vehicle?  How can so much evidence of a society peopled by those who switch off whatever few brain cells they have and drive in a persistent vegetative state be ignored?  How can a society survive when such idiots are allowed on the highways, instead of being planted (alive or dead, I care not) in a corn field somewhere, where at least they might do some good as fertilizer?
Mark it well. It is the end of civilization, my friends. Slow-moving roadblocks and speeding unguided missles on the highways are signs of the same rot at the heart of our society.  And I fear it is too late.
(Yes. You got it in one.  I renewed my drivers license today.  For six years.  It is too late, indeed.)
Joust the Facts has a post in a similar vein. His observations are a little more finely focused, however:
“…It occurred to me that the bluest of blue states seem to correlate quite well with the worst of the worst driver states.  Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Washington, DC, Maryland, California, Connecticut were the bottom eight, and all very blue in the last two elections.  Coincidence?  I think not.”
No argument here, though it’s been over 30 years since I wantered into those strange lands…