Miss Mousy wasn’t home, so…
Last minute jitters.  For so long he’d pretended her zaftig form and coy charm (not to mention her cute drill sergeant’s parade-ground voice) held no real appeal for him. 
But he could no longer deny his feelings. *sigh*  He knew she cared for him, too—well, as much as she could care for anyone but herself.  Yes, he knew her faults, but he no longer cared. 
At last, he’d asked her out and she’d accepted (of course–she’d only been waiting and waiting… :-).  Now, if only he’d had something other than this old green suit…  Oh well.  Maybe the chocolates would distract her.
She’s opening the door.  Oh, no! She’s looking at the suit. No! It’s the chocolates!
“Kermit, you shouldn’t have!” she proclaims disingenuously.
Good. Chocolates were the right opener.
[Yeh, I know this is violates continuity in the Muppet World.  So?]