This ought to be at least a weekly gig
Lotsa resources all over the web, with people a lot smarter and better-informed than I deal with the problems of so-called public education in the U.S. of A.  One resource that has some of the brightest thinkers around—some teachers, some ordinary joes and some folks that are smarter than you and me put together—approaching this topic from time to time is Jerry Pournelle’s Chaos Manor in Perspective Current Mail pages.  Here’s a (very) brief portion of one of Dr. Pournelle’s responses to a correspondant:
“Credentialism” is insane. I was once asked to be President of a local junior college to help get it back on an academic track. I thought I could do it, but it turns out I do not have an “administrative credential” and thus I am not qualified to be president of a junior college in California. I should thank God for that since it would have been a very bad thing for me to do, but the madness of the credential process remains. Air Force sergeants who have taught meteorology and math to young men and women for 20 years are not “qualified” to teach high school science, while imbeciles with no idea of science or teaching a “qualified” by sitting through some lamebrain courses that anyone could pass without attending the course.—Current Mail, Monday 05/23/05
Just pop over to Jerry Pournelle’s site and do an onsite search for “education,” “public schools,” “teachers,” etc. Be prepared for some reading.
And after perusing Dr. Pournelle’s site for a while, ask yourself what could drive a teacher to write an essay like the one described here.  Sure, I’ve known a lot of incompetent (and even some downright stupid) public school teachers, but most of them do their best to teach the children who are their charges. And many of them are bright, competent people who must endure administrators who are mostly dolts, poltroons, incompetents and bullies to boot, while attempting to civilize little hellions who have been ruined by excrebly bad or nonexistant parenting.
Our schools are worse than just bad curricula, bad teaching, *spit* politicians *spit*, hellions and well-schooled idiots and their “parents,” and venal administrators who are dumber than rocks (but crafty politicos) all added together and minmastered to carefully devised, stupid homogeneity.
The sum is far worse than its parts, I’m afraid.
I’m glad my youngest nephew is being homeschooled.  He’s far too bright to be subjected to the lobotomy-by-millimeters factories that are our public schools.