Monday, May 23rd, 2005

Very Nice having The Daughter visit for my birthday anniversary.  Good to spend much of the day running down parts, etc., and making essential repairs to her car. My BD present to me.  🙂  Add the treat of her presence and The Son, and all was well, indeed. (And yes, according to one manner of figuring, I’m still only thirty-six and one-half years old. Makes it interesting to have been married for somewhere in the close neighborhood of twenty-seven years… heh “According to one manner of figuring… ” I’ll stick with that story.)
But… still, time eaten.  Much left undone. Much to do to catch up on from time taken due to last week’s Wonderfully Successful Operation.  🙂
And Kipling Tuesday and 180 Blogburst to prep for tomorrow.
[NOTE; BUMPING THIS TO THE TOP—folks, read the Bill Whittle essay.  Just CLICK the link and read. Just. Do. It.  In the past few days, I have had multiple upon multiple hundreds of folks view posts on this blog. Yet only one has commented on this post. So read, especially the update at the end.]
The best links can come from the strangest places…
By now, most folks know that IMAO is the nuthouse of the blogosphere, where the (space)monkeys (is that monkies?:-) rule the zoo.  Great place.  I recommend regular reading there.  But what I’m not used to seeing is links to material that’s of as high a quality as this . Sure, there’s lotsa lighthearted snark directed at serious stuff, but this is just pure gold. Thanks, Frank J., for pointing out Bill Whittle’s re-entry into the fray. As Jay Tea at Whizbang! says,
This one piece is precisely the one I wish I had written. The one I wish I could have written. He explains what I fumbled around, ties together all that I wish I could have thought of, and concludes exactly the way I wish I could have. And so much BETTER.

Yeh, what he said (and soooo much better than I would have in revealing my envy… 🙂
And, thanks again, Frank, for being the first to clue me into Bill Whittle’s Sanctuary Part I and Sanctuary Part II.
UPDATE: Here’s a very short excerpt from Part I. I could almost literally have clipped at random and have gotten something true and provocative. It’s a brief excerpt of the section where Whittle deals with the effects of the Fantasists (as I have previously labeled them) on society, on civilization. Read and then CLICK on one of the links above… or anywhere in the text below.

“Reality has left their building.
“The inability of external reality to become perfect is a profound disappointment for people who live in their own fantasy worlds where everything is perfect. Such people expect the external world, the world beyond the boundaries of our Sanctuary, to behave like a celebrity awards show dinner or a faculty lounge. Of course, only very, very small areas of the world behave like a celebrity award show dinner or a faculty lounge. But when enough people experience nothing else, and when those pampered, bored, hollow and guilty elites control the way information is reported, run the schools and universities in which reality-free theories are taught, and hold the keys to the manufacture of a society’s myths and stories and culture – well, then the disconnect between the Civilization and reality becomes so acute that the wing stalls and what was once a soaring airplane becomes a few tons of metal plummeting earthward.”