Golly gee whiz, there aure are some nosy parkers out there in the blogosphere…
Yeh, well, this was a “volunteer” recruitment thing, so I can’t complain.  Actually a little interesting.  Several questions about musical listening habits.
So, from Jenna Thomas–M cKie, the questions:
Total volume of music files on my computer?
I’m not real sure.  I did a quick search of the hard drive where I archive most of them that I save for CD compilations.  Many are original recordings, etc.  That quick search turned up over 6BG of files.  I have a lot more I’ve “cleaned off” onto CDRs. Then there are all the music scores, “sheet music” transcriptions of my own and others stuff.  I’ve archived most of that on several CDRs, but still turned up about 6,000 transcription files and about 2,000 midi files, most of transcription files “tweaked” for recording.
The last CD I bought was…
Jazz Masters 33: Benny Goodman
Song playing right now
Listening to 4MBS, Brisbane, Australia’s “Classical CDs til Dawn.”  The end of Brahms’ Symphony #1.  Now, Copland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man.”  Later, John Williams (guitarist) playing various selections.
Five songs I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me (in no particular order):
This one’s a litlte difficult for two reasons: “songs” shuts out a whole big buncha music that means a lot to me or that I listen to a lot and even limiting the selection to songs, there are too many to choose from! *sigh*
  • Marta Keen’s “Homeward Bound
  • Nick Glennie-Smith and Randall Wallace’s “Mansions of the Lord
  • Frank Houghton’s “Thou Who Wast Rich (Beyond All Splendor)”
  • Noel Paul Stuckey’s “For the Love of It All”
  • Beethoven’s an freude section of his 9th symphony, words by Schiller (well, the small ensemble and chorus both sing, accompanied by the orchestra… 🙂
Hard to stop with just five…  and any number of other songs could just as easily go in that list.
Which 5 people are you passing this baton to, and why?
Arrrggghhhh!  That’s something I’ll have to update with…
…this: Megan at Eel-Infested Waters has agreed to participate.  She’s visiting for the weekend, so we fixed her blogger logon and posting problems, installed Zoundry Blogwriter and have things cooking, now.
One down, four to go?
OH! And don’t forget Blogfathers Day™ (June 19) is approaching—just a month away!
UPDATE:  Alan Woody (who lists “5376 songs / 388 hours” on his site) has taken the bit between his teeth on this one. Glancing over his list, I have a feeling that paring it down to five songs may be a bit of a chore. Update to update: Here’s Alan’s (Woody’s News & Views) contribution— “My Music Is Like Totally…” Alan goes everyone one better and posts links to Amazon.com samples of the songs he lists, so if you like ’em you can just buy ’em.  Nice.
Richard of Random Rambling has also said he’ll give it a shot.
Nibbles from a couple more… we’ll just see how many will take the bait.
Christine, at Morning Coffee & Afternoon Tea, has a solid post on this: “I’ve been tagged!”  And I completely agree with her approach: “It’s fitting since I’m sitting here listening to an old tune and sipping a cuppa… ” Well, unless it’s a great orchestral piece and I’m too close to my collection of batons… coffee cup, baton, waving arms—not a good mix.  heh Great post, Christine!