..but not in a snowy woods
This article, “Rednecks: the Virtues Thereof” by Fred Reed, and this post “Make room for daddy — he’s packing heat!” by Jay Tea at Whizbang! converged in my reading today…  In the first, Fred offers such nuggets as
“If some upscale flowerbed like Fairfax County outside DC ever had to deal with hard times, it would the best show since Aunt Sally sat on that ant nest. It isn’t just that they can’t do anything. They can’t even think about doing anything. I mean, suppose that after the asteroid hit the cops had other things to do, like look after their families, and a larcenous parasitic lawyer encountered some Diversity with a knife in its hand and an itch for his television or daughters, what would he do? Get extra therapy? Hit him with a rubber stamp? Say, “Can’t we talk about this?”
Now, in the country, people had a slightly less lenient attitude toward having their homes invaded. Nobody ever shot anybody, much anyway. People didn’t think it was civilized. They did have dogs and shotguns and rifles. Further, they had the backbone to use them if the need arose. Which is why it didn’t.”
(Click the link, there’s a LOT more where that came from!)
Such thinking provides illuminating wisdom to a question asked by Jay Tea concerning a father, who had gone to pick up his 17-year-old twin girls from a frat party where alchohol was flowing freely, who, when confronted by a bunch of drunk fratboys, showed them he was armed in order to back them down:
“It’s understandable, then, that such a father would be considerably upset when he arrived to pick up his girls. And that he’d be a bit fierce when he’s surrounded by drunken fratboys who don’t want to see the girls leave just yet.
But does that necessarily justify pulling a gun on the fratboys?”
Well, read Fred’s article for the answer… it’s in there, not very well hidden between the lines.