…for introducing me to The Nose on Your Face
Subtitle: “News so fake you’ll swear it came from the mainstream media.”
ACLU Files Bear Class Action Lawsuit” was the post Dan Riehl of Riehl World View —look in my blogroll under, umm, Riehl World View. heh— chose to link to that introduced me to “Buckley F. Williams” (and a better blog nome de plume for The Nose on Your Face I wouldn’t want to be tasked with imagining).
There’s even a commenter to the post who references Gordon Dickson’s The Right to Arm Bears.
Other posts at The Nose on Your Face that, umm, bear reading
New Strain Of “Shapeshifting Grackles” Discovered
New “Drunk Pill” On The Horizon
Newsweek Article Spurs Wave Of “Islamo-rappers”
Newsweek Editor Apologizes, Magazine To Begin Inquiry
Oh, just get on over there and start reading. I gotta kick myself that I took so long finding this stuff…