Well, maybe this will get the attention of those troglodytes over at NASA
I’m no fan of the “Kill space exploration” efforts by entrenched bureaucrats over at NASA, but this seems a little much. From Overlawyered via a tip from a commenter on Jerry Pournelle’s Chaos Manor in Perspective‘s Current Mail page, yesterday:
Russian court: astrologer can sue NASA
“A Russian court has ruled that an astrologer can sue NASA over plans to bombard a comet whose destruction would ‘disrupt the natural balance of the universe’.” Reversing a lower court, the panel ruled that it was appropriate for Russia to take jurisdiction over Marina Bai’s lawsuit, which demands $310 million…
[More at the link.]
I mean, OK, NASA, as it currently functions is a dinosaur that ought to be put out of our misery (heh), but this is just a wee tad much, don’t you think?
I guess it just goes to show ya that the good old U.S. of A. has no corner on the market of stupid lawsuits.
See more of this kind of thing at Overlawyered.  There’s enough overlawyering noted there to bring on one of Kim du Toit‘s (shameless plug for one of my fav blogs 🙂 patented RCOB (Red Curtain of Blood) moments… read only if your blood pressure meds are working well.  🙂
LIL UPDATE: Whizbang!’s generous Carnival of the Trackbacks (now in edition #XII) will have this story listed in the links.