“I’m from the government. I’m here to help.”
“In Missouri, user fees paid by motorists generally are supposed to go to fix roads. Those fees include the 17 cents-per-gallon gas tax, state sales and use taxes on vehicles, and licensing fees. Last year, motorists in Missouri paid nearly $1.2 billion.”—Kansas City Star, August 24. 2003
Right.  And the same article revealed that more than $192,000,000 went for… other things.  It’s the principle whereby congresscritters have raided Social Security taxes (when they are forced, they are NOT “contributions”) for years: what they can steal for other things, they will. After all, why not? It’s not their money, anyway.
Similarly, when monies from taxes earmarked for public education rose, they were raided by state legiscritters, so that funding for education was in danger of being “cut.” Right.
It just doesn’t matter folks.  Once the leeches in any government further from you than the reach of your arm get ahold of your money, they’ll do any darn thing they can get away with to buy political favors, knowing that most people simply will NOT hold them accountable… especially if they can steal someone else’s money and bring home the pork.
Face it: Any—any—government more remote than your county seat is corrupt…  well, at least more corrupt than your county government.
(Happy place. Must go to my happy place… )