And you thought I was going to say “Mouthpiece for terrorists,” didn’t you?
This NYT article presents the pouts and whines of LLM’s at NPR concerning CPB monitoring for bias as sensible responses to “editorial interference” in NPR programming. *yawn*  You know, NPR and it’s bastard sister, PBS, could become genuine “Public Media” if both organizations simply went cold turkey and stopped sucking at the taxpayers’ teats.  If they have something the market wants, if there’s a big enough audience to support rtheir political agendas (or even musical tastes), then they’ll succeed.  Otherwise, they can just die on the vine, for all I care.
(I guess I’d miss the silliness—and ocassional usefulness—of Car Talk, but since none of the NPR stations I can get carry “Adventures in Good Music with Dr Karl Haas”—I can listen to him via an Australian station that streams his show, anyway—I can probably even get along without Click and Clack, the one remaining show worth listening to on any NPR station in this region of the country. I can buy better performances of classical music than are featured on NPR, anyway. And anything that’s really good on PBS is either later shown on another—cable—channel or has information duplicated elsewhere, so who needs PBS?)
Cut the government purse strings entirely. Let them compete and live or die by their content.