UPDATE: bumping the date. This just in from Wonder Woman:
I got an email from the Dr.’s office.  Everything is normal and we are moving ahead with removal.
So, with this latest nuclear stress test backing up the previous two, along with her device’s report on her heart capacity and freedom from incidents, it looks like it is a go for Wonder Woman to forsake her bionic addition.
That will be Thursday, May 19 at 8:00.  In and out, with callback the next day.  Device removed and leads capped but left in, for those wanting some details.
(Originaly posted at 3:32 on 05/11/05)
Wonder Woman’s trip to the cardiologist went well
  Indeed, contra to almost all the other checkups and tests in the last (nearly) seven years, this one ended with her still full of energy to a greater degree than any other I recall.  All of those in the last two years have been better tha during the first five.  Her first few nuclear stress tests were enervating—she was completely wiped out and wobbly-legged afterwards.  This one?  Energy left over. No “Wobblies.”
So, subjectively she’s very upbeat about this checkup.  The cardiologist will read all the test results/pics and come back with replace device or remove device.  Today was the go/no go test, since all other tests and defibrilator/pacemaker records indicate a go for removal.
So, seven years after she “died” (three times in one day) and then had her pacemaker/defibrilator implanted, she may become Wonder Woman without the Bionic Woman enhancements.
We’ll see.