It’s been almost a month since I last commented on Zoundry Blogwriter
And I really ought to have posted an update before this, since the last comment was a kind of “It’s free and worth what you pay for it” comment.  Since then it’s been greatly improved.  Links insertion (including product links) work much better; more common Windows keystrokes are implemented; new functionality (like easy implementation of “open in a new window” for links); and I’ve learned about functionality that already existed that I didn’t know about before.
It’s become my default blog editor.  For one thing, for whatever reason, I have yet to have a Blogwriter upload fail.  Edits, new posts, etc., in Blogger’s own editor seem to have about a 2/3 chance of success.  Not good.  But new posts and edits of old posts are a snap in Blogwriter.
Sure, I still sometimes find myself needing to edit the html manually, but it’s rare and mostly just in my page template.  And why code the whole thing manually, anyway?  It’s a blog, for heaven’s sake!  It’s not like I’m getting paid for coding it.  heh
Nice, clean, easy, transparent.  Mostly (apart from blog-specific functions) just another wysiwyg text editor.  One of the nice things? I haven’t had to fire up Firefox to do wysiwyg editing in Blogger for a couple of weeks, now.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve fired it up more than one or two times in the last month. (Yeh, it’s better than Internet Exploder, but that’s damning Firefox with faint praise. Opera 8.  The WTG. 🙂
Try it.  It might just be useful to you as well. Zoundry Blogwriter.