…that will not affect one hair on the heads of the Moveon.org folks and their ilk.  But anyone else ought to read it for a good look at what we’re facing.
Oh, and once again, let me recommend two other links that are related to Liberal Quicksand’s argument:
Jerry Pournelle’s Chaos Manor, where you’ll find some smart people (lots smarter than I) dealing with political, social, science and technology and a whole raft of other things in a way that the Loony Left Moonbat Brigade and the Mass Media Podpeople’s Army are mentally and emotionally incapable of doing, i.e., with reason. The Mail section is where most of the action seems to be.
And this link, to a brief explaination of the Pournelle Political Axes.  It’s a much better model, IMO, of political thought/behavior than the false dichotomy presented by Left-Right talk.