Sunday, May 8th, 2005

Well, he doesn’t call it a fisk, but it’ll pass for one
In Jerry Pournelle’s Current Mail for Saturday, May 07, 2005, this letter from Benny Peiser (at Liverpool John Moores University) does in a scholarly way what I have neither the patience nor the personality for: politely blow away the lying whiners who keep shouting “scientists have reached a consensus that global climate change is caused by human action.”
It’s polite.  It’s scholarly.  It’s devastating.  I love it.

Well, let’s build slowly.  I’ll enlist Brain to help us conquer the world with the Blogmothers Day™ meme in 2006
Bou has done her best getting the word out.  Kris was quick to send an eCard to her Blogmom, and Sissy, VW and Contagion obviously have a future writing for Hallmark Cards. *cough* I even got a nice couple of emails and a link from my Blogmom… after I informed her of my nearly immaculate birth. (The afterbirth has sometimes been messy, though.)
Nice experience all around. I haven’t done a lot of followup, maybe next year.  If you sent your Blogmom an eCard (or even just bugged your Blogfather for info on who your Blogmom is *heh*), drop me a comment or email.
Don’t worry; no has been hurt… yet.
Just about out the door on the way to church for Mothers Day, but was struck by this thought…
Have you ever wondered where those folks who say “This stuff tastes like crap!” have been eating?
(Yes, we’re going out to eat for Sunday dinner after church.)
Today is the day. Make your Blogmother [virtual] breakfast in bed (don’t burn the toast!); bring it to her on a tray (don’t spill the coffee!); thank her for being the best blogmommie you’ve ever had…
…and get ready for Blogfathers Day™. (June 19, 2005).
Have you sent your Blogmom a Blogmothers Day™ card, yet? 
See ya at the next Blogosphere Meme Pool™ meme.