Alan Woody asks for suggestions on appropriate punishment for OBL and tickles my inner Curmudgeon into outright explosion
I posted a comment on Alan Woody’s “Bush’s Cowboy Attitude Rubbing Off On CIA?” after he asked for suggestions on appropriate punishment for Osama bin Laden.  Maybe I went a wee tad over the top.  You tell me:
I’m kinda partial to
1.) Throw him in a pen of hungry swine and let nature take its course.
2.) Gather all the resultant excrement and save it for #3
3.) Salughter the swine; mix the blood, bone, and all other portions in a slurry with the excement and
4.) Air-drop the slurry over Mecca and Medina
Now, I know you’ll probably think the last 3 steps a little harsh, perhaps provocative. But if we do it after sending a company of Marines into Saudi Arabia to shut that country down (except for oil exportation, of course) and put a lid on wahhabism, and simply shoot all Muslims who protest the actions, no matter who or where they be, I think jihadism might be dealt a setback.
Yeh, the Mecca/Medina thing might alienate some Iraqis. So? Arm and train the Kurds (you know, once known as Saracens?) and let them loose (on Turkey as well as anyone else). Their ties to the Mecca/Medina brand of Islam are weaker to begin with, and heck, they could scare the living daylights outa the Iranian mullahs while they’re at it, probably wipe them and their ilk out.
Don’t know if it shows, but I’m just about outa patience with Islamic acceptance of jihadism.
Realistically, his head in a bed of dry ice (after a few hours of serious torture) would be fine by me. (Various other OBL body parts to be used creatively in interrogating other jihadists… )
So, what works for you?