Marines follow common sense and military law—duh
Confederate Yankee posts a link and commentary to the followup on that young Marine who was videotaped in Fallujah following the rules of engagement, common sense and normal military practice, shot a wounded enemy (“aif”—anti-iraq forces) and was lambasted in the media.
“This has been the way of warfare, or for that matter, nature, for millions of years. I thought liberals usually favored Darwinism over creationism.
“I guess that was until they got to see Darwinism at work.”—CY
The Fox News article cited adds this:
“In the Nov. 13 shooting videotaped by [Kevin] Sites, a Marine can be heard can be heard shouting obscenities in the background, yelling that one of the men was only pretending to be dead.”
As though this information were news.  Common knowledge that that was (is?) a tactic followed by “aifs”—feign death in order to launch a surprise, sometimes suicide bombing, attack.  Under any commonly-accepted rules of war, that alone is grounds for shooting first and sending flowers (preferrably poinsonous) later.
Is there any way that Mass Media Podpeople who villified this marine could be put into harm’s way and told to “just pretend to be dead; you’ll be safe”?