And don’t listen to those voices in your head that say otherwise, you hear me?
Every single time the same (10 year old?) kid calls our number and asks for his lil friend (same kid calling and asking for same lil friend, mind you), I resist telling him he’s too stupid to use a phone.  If it had been once or twice, no problem, but over and over and over (and over…) again?
But I resist temptation and merely ask what number he is  trying to call, then correct his error.  Sometimes he calls back immediately, making exactly the same misdial error. *sigh*
I did get a small bit of satisfaction when I checked our answering machine one day and heard several messages from the same kid (to the same lil friend who is not and never has been at this number) “making sure” that friend’s name here had his part of the science project due the next day ready, and what changes needed to be made to the project/class presentation.
If he can’t learn to dial the silly number (after all this time), he (maybe, just maybe) got slammed on the project grade… I do not care if the kid has a perception problem.  Bugging me because he’s too lazy to learn to cope (or just too lazy to look at the touch pad when dialing) is evidence of the need for a little chlorine in the shallow end of the gene pool, or something…
(Now, that felt good.)