I use Freecell for a bit of nearly mindless relaxation/”zen-ish” non-exercise of my “little grey cells” (which, of course, aren’t grey at all). *heh* Of course, I cheat. How? Oh, I long ago observed patterns and combinations, and, more importantly (for values of “importance” that include playing a mindless lil computer card game), I simply learned to take advantage of patterns and combinations of moves in such a way that doing so is almost unconsciously “automagic”. Since Freecell is apparently supposed to be played by people who just semi-randomly move cards around until they “lose,” what I do is cheating. *heh*


87% Say English Should Be U.S. Official Language

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Ronald Reagan’s 1964 speech, A Time for Choosing,” in support of Barry Goldwater, where he speaks of a rendezvous with destiny.

And, from the 1980 Carter-Reagan Debate:

And just for perspective, how different to most politicians was Reagan’s response to sly, underhanded attempts to insert stealth personal attacks:

Gotta love him. Even Mondale appreciated the comeback.

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“Good fences make good neighbors.”

In several posts over the years here at twc, I’ve invoked the principles of Classicism. Usually these invocations are in aid of addressing the artistic merits–or more often lack thereof–of different expressions claiming artistic merit, but I think the principles have a broader application to society at large, as well. For review, here they are…

third world county.

Just read it.

Emphasis added:

“Yes, she once supported the project: But after witnessing the problems created by earmarks for her state and for the nation’s budget, she did what others like me have done: She changed her position and saved taxpayers millions. Even the Alaska Democratic Party credits her with killing the bridge.

“When the Senate had its chance to stop the Bridge to Nowhere and transfer the money to Katrina rebuilding, Messrs. Obama and Biden voted for the $223 million earmark, siding with the old boys’ club in the Senate. And to date, they still have not publicly renounced their support for the infamous earmark.”

Enough said.

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No, this blog has not become a single-issue blog for Sarah Palin, but…

If Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, Golda Meir and Winston Churchill had been easier on the eyes…


Yeh, easy on the eyes makes it easier to pay attention. She’s not just another bland (yeh, even The Obamassiah’s bland by comparison) artificial political construct.

And then there’s her voice. While Ye Olde Voice Coache *heh* in me would like to have a couple of months to work with her voice (which sounds like a nice basic instrument), another part of me, the part that hears my wife’s “north country” relatives’ vowels and is comforted thereby, just relaxes and smiles at hearing a genuine voice, untainted by East and Left coast mass media manufactured diction.

And then, easy on the eyes face, comforting to the ears/soul voice making it easier to hear the smart and true and telling words she utters: very powerful. (Simply making paying attention easier is a powerful, powerful tool for political persuasion.)

Couple that with a record that is a compelling testimony to good works–and yes, I have read her detractors, and frankly, so far, all the shrill and angry voices serve as an endorsement of Palin; one can tell a lot about a person by looking at who chooses to be their enemy, you know–and the Palin addition to the ticket truly validates Bill Dyer’s campaign slogan for the McCain/Palin ticket:

I look forward to 2012 and 2016–or even 2016 and 2020, should I make it that far–*heh*–when we might anticipate a Palin/Jindal ticket to vote for…


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That’s me: staying warm n toasty and “pigging out” on Bryn Terfel while enjoying some home brewed wheat beer (yeh, yeh: from a kit ;-)).


This kinda stuff can easily carry me through New Year’s Day.


Bryn Terfel - We'll Keep a Welcome

Bryn Terfel – We’ll Keep a Welcome


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